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About Us:

Best For is a Pioneer European Company, with headquarters based in Thessaloniki, Greece. The Company is specialized in the creation and retail of useful innovative products.

Best For supports the “simple” and “natural” for the people’s lifestyle. We believe in the privilege of “returning to nature” and “restoring product essence”.


“Best for” always respects the customers’ needs and is devoted to provide them with modern products of high design quality focusing on their functionality and low prices. The Company is well-known to people of every background, age and income.  Focusing on the customers’ shopping experience we create a pleasant environment through which everyone experiences the joy, the fashion and the healthy way of living. We optimize the product structure and pay great attention in the product management. We insist in the choice of the right products from all over the world and always provide customers with the best possible services.

Product Philosophy

Selecting of high design innovative products and selling at low price.

Wide range of products, so that they meet a wide range of needs.

Continuous renewals of our product variety with newer high quality products, so that all the current designing trends are followed.

Target group: All ages and Incomes.

Pricing Philosophy

  • Affordable Luxury: Offering low priced products, compared to their value that are addressed to almost all different incomes in our society.

  • Weekly offers for certain product codes.